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League Secretary/Officer Info

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The President has many important responsibilities, which are outlined fully in the USBC Playing Rules.

The following are areas that Presidents are responsible for:

League Account

Arrange for an account to be opened in the league name at a federally insured and recognized bank, credit union or in-house banking service.

The account must have at least two league officers’ signatures for ALL fund withdrawals. Immediate family members cannot sign for withdrawals.

Account Statements are sent to the president for verification purposes.

Verify the league accounts monthly. See the President Worksheet to Verify League Account Monthly.


Schedule league meetings at convenient times and locations for league members. Since you are the chair of the meeting, prepare an agenda. For details review the information under the Meetings section of this Handbook or on the Rules page of BOWL.com.


Appoint committees. The league MUST have a Prize and Audit committee.

Ensure the Prize Committee submits at least one prize list for adoption by the league by week five (5).  A meeting should be scheduled to do so.

You also must ensure the Audit Committee completes the audit prior to the end of the season.

Encourage the secretary/treasurer to assist both committees.


Since part of your duties is to enforce the rules, become familiar with the rules changes for the upcoming season as well as rules that affect the league. Rules changes are found in the USBC Playing


League secretaries play a vital role to ensure each and every league session and season run smoothly. Today, we’ll learn a little bit more about their responsibilities and the steps you can take to become a certified league officer.    A league secretary’s job begins at the very first meeting prior to the start of the season, where they will help organize and keep minutes as team captains get re-acquainted and vote on rules for the upcoming season. The league secretary will be responsible for updating the rules as well as providing a league schedule to each team. Also during the first week of league, the league secretary is responsible for handing out USBC membership cards, making sure each league member fills them out and then collecting the appropriate membership dues for the current season. After this is complete, it is up to the league secretary to get that information to the local USBC association so the information and dues can be sent to USBC national.   On a week-to-week basis, the league secretary will provide standing sheets and handle awards that may occur during the league session. Just like with the membership cards, the secretary will pass the award forms on so that it will be recognized by USBC national. At the end of the league session, it is up to the league secretary to turn in season-ending averages to the local USBC association to they can be uploaded to BOWL.com. So if you’re up to the challenge, there’s a look at some of the duties you would be tasked with if you choose to run for league secretary.  For those of you ready to take the next step, be sure to check out the USBC Officer Certification Program. The courses offered teach current and future league officers the responsibilities you’ll need to be familiar with whether you’re a league president, treasurer and, of course, secretary.

NOTE:  Secretaries are NOT TO BE PAID until they have completed ALL of their duties (To include final averages turned in and verified received by the Association Manager).



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GPUSBCA Local Awards – Adult


GPUSBCA Local Awards – Youth

GPUSBCA Local Awards – Youth


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