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GPUSBCA, PWBA, and GPBA Hall of Fame Members



Christy Marowski

Christy Morawski

2015-16 Hall of Fame Inductee Christy Morawski for Superior Performance.


Previous Hall of Fame Inductees

Updated: 10/1/17


a. Any member of the Greater Pensacola USBC Association may submit nominations, along with the nominee’s qualifications and achievements, to the Association President for referral to the Hall of Fame committee.

b. Nominations for any year should be presented to the Hall of Fame committee at least 60 (sixty) days before the meeting at which nominees will be inducted(May 31st each year).

■ Members of the Greater Pensacola Hall of Fame may be selected from living members or may be made posthumously.

Click on the links below to download the Hall of Fame application and worksheet

HOF Nomination Application (Rev2014)               HOF Guidelines (Rev2014)